Events Again!

There is some good news! The Covid-19 restrictions have been eased in our state so the Barony of Ynys Fawr is able to resume some physical events at the Kraken Hall. Currently, heavy practice, archery, and rapier are going forward, and Arts & Sciences should be added soon. There is the possibility of modified pot luck feasts in the future where each person brings their own food but can’t share. Unfortunately dance practice won’t be resumed as it is impossible to perform while keeping a safe distance.

There are strict hygiene requirements in place, including physical distancing and hand sanitisation, though masks are optional. No cash will be accepted so people will be required to pre-pay for events electronically. Vouchers can be purchased individually or in groups of 10 so please contact the Reeve for details.

Please be aware that the situation could change suddenly and activities could be cancelled if the mundane government announces new restrictions.