Upcoming Events

The are the events that we hold and are open to all to attend. Note that is there are also our weekly regular training sessions of Heavy Fighter, Fencing, Archery, Dancing, and Arts & Sciences.

Wintersouth – Ynys Fawr’s 30th Birthday

Come test your rattan, blades, arrows and needles in the legendary Ynys Fawr, to celebrate it’s Birthday in deepest Winter. Bear witness as we celebrate the Anniversary of Ynys Fawr’s founding, 30 years since our fair Barony was created in the winter of A.S. XXVIII.

Your endurance will be tested in the almost endless martial Contest, only to rest at day’s end with our bright flickering Hearth and our warm hospitality. Pay heed to our Words, make haste to secure your place at our event. For this will be a Gathering that honours those who have come before, that exalts those that join us in the present, and that will guide our Barony into a Glorious future. Long Live Ynys Fawr!

All meals will be provided, including a spectacular Valhalla Feast on Saturday night. Accommodation is in bunk rooms with mattresses provided, bring all other bedding though.

There will be heavy tournaments on Saturday (Valhalla tournament) and Sunday (Holmgang tournament), rapier on Sunday (tournament on Leidarholm Hill), and an archery competition on Sunday.

Friday night will feature a bardic circle around the campfire.

There will be a market on Saturday morning, and classes throughout the event.

When: Friday, July 7th 2023 to Sunday, July 9th 2023

Where: Orana Guide Camp, 146 Roches Beach Road, Roches Beach. TAS

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