Arts & Sciences

The SCA is more than just shooting, stabbing and clubbing people (although that can be fun, provided you remember not to hurt anyone in the process). The various medieval arts and sciences are a huge part of what we do, notably in the clothes we wear (“garb”) and the food we eat at feasts. Here’s a partial list of the topics studied, in big and small ways, in the SCA throughout the twenty kingdoms of the known world. We’ll be adding links, photos and articles about Baronial involvement with these. Meanwhile, check out our list of articles.

Arts and Sciences of the SCA

(an incomplete list)

Acting and Drama, Agriculture, Animals and Animal Husbandry, Armour and Weaponry, Beads and Beadwork, Beekeeping, Books, Brewing and Vintning (winemaking), Calligraphy and Illumination, Camping, Cartography (Maps), Carving (wood, bone), Clothing, Coins, Costume, Culture and Religion, Dance, Domestic Sciences, Embroidery and Needlework, Falconry and Hunting, Fighting (researching period styles and manuals), Food (IMPORTANT!), Furniture and Architecture, Games, Heraldry, Hound Coursing, Lacemaking, Leatherworking, Metalwork, Minstrels, Music, Performance, Plants and Herbs, Science, Technology, Tents, Towns, Weaving, Weddings, Woodworking.

Interested in any of these? Contact our Arts & Sciences Minister!