Southern Heavy Armoured and Rapier Weekly Training

Weekly Southern Heavy Armoured and Rapier TrainingLay On!

Looking for a way to get fit and have some fun? Come out to SCA Heavy Armoured and Rapier combat training every Wednesday night at 7pm.

Armoured Combat

Our group meets to train and fight in full steel armour, just like the knights of old. It’s a great workout and a lot of fun, plus you’ll get to learn some cool historical martial arts. All are welcome, no experience necessary.

Armoured combat is a uniquely SCAdian sport.  It differs from the combat forms of other living history organisations because the weapons are made of rattan, a type of bamboo.  This allows the combatants to strike with full strength, not being limited by fear of injury from landing a blow on their opponent.  The result is a virtuosic display of combat that a real tourney-going knight of the middle ages would find quite familiar.

Armoured combatants, also called heavy fighters or just fighters, train in and out of armour, and must satisfy their marshals that they are safe, responsible and competent before they can be authorised to fight in tournaments and wars.  The most important tournaments in the SCA are the Crown Tourneys, held twice a year in branches all over the Kingdom to find the next Crown. The Crown can be a King and Queen, a King and King, or a Queen and Queen.

Rapier Combat

SCA Rapier Combat is our attempt to recreate the style of unarmored combat that took place from the medieval period to 1600 A.D. Participants engage in this sport for fun and fitness! Many also study the extant manuals and theories of combat from that time period, in order to more accurately recreate the style of pre-17th century swordfighting.

This type of swordfighting has evolved into the modern sport of fencing, but unlike the modern sport, our participants use a wide variety of weapons – considerably heavier than modern fencing swords – and they have freedom of movement in any direction. Combatants take part one-on-one bouts as well as participating in melees that can have up to hundreds of fencers per side.


Medieval combat with swords, shields and armour is great fun, but like any sport, there are rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the players and spectators.

The Rules of the Lists set out the Society’s standards on weapons and armour, and how hard the fighters are allowed to hit each other. The SCA has a good safety record and we consider our sport safer than playing rugby; however, as with any sport, there is an inherent risk involved. We try to make participants aware of the dangers, and insist on responsible behaviour.

Fighters are responsible for obtaining their own armour and weapons. Some people make most of their armour, using metal, leather, or plastic, but most buy pieces, either new or used. Sub-standard equipment is not allowed, so before making any armour, or weapons you will need to refer to the The Armoured Combat Handbook

Where: CrossFit 42 South Gym, 2/4b Patrick St, Hobart TAS 

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When: Wednesday nights from 7pm

Note that training is occasionally cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens we will announce it in the Baronial Facebook group and in the Heavy combat channel in the Baronial Discord server


Who can join in?

Everyone, young and old, big or small, can join in as long as you are able swing a weapon and are above the age restrictions below.


No restrictions

Minors (under 18yrs):

Minors without a parent present need to get a form signed by a parent, and bring the signed form and temporary guardian with them. The form can be found here.

  • 16-17 May train with combat weapons. May authorise to be able to fight at events, like tournaments, with restrictions.
  • 14-15 Not allowed to touch the combat weapons, may train with foam weapons.


What to bring if you are new?

You only require a groin guard and to wear appropriate clothing. (Trackies and sportswear recommend)

We have gear to lend if you are new.




  • Adult Member: $3
  • Child Member: $3


  • Adult Non-Member: $13 (includes $10 non-member insurance fee)
  • Child Non-Member: $8 (includes $5 non-member insurance fee)

Includes an amount required by our insurance. You can avoid this by becoming a member: New Membership Application.


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Street parking only. Walk up the alley, highlighted by the red box in the picture below

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