Regular Activities

Some physical events are happening again so please come along and have fun. Covid-19 is still an issue so please be aware that there are strict hygiene rules in place including social distancing and hand sanitisation. Masks are not compulsory but please feel free to wear them if you want. Also, please be aware that you will not be able to use the coffee and tea facilities.  Unfortunately we can’t be sure what the future will throw at us so these activities may have to be cancelled again in the future. No cash will be accepted so attendance fees need to be paid electronically before-hand. Everyone, gather cautiously and be merry!

Regular events held in and around the Barony.  The fee for non-members is $10 extra per person to cover insurance; you can avoid it by becoming an SCA member. Other fees are voluntary donations to help cover costs.

Archery Training

The Place: Kraken Hall
When: Every Sunday
The Time: 11am until 4pm finish.
The Cost: $2 for Members & $12 for Non-Members*
Archery is currently held in the cattle shed, please sign in at the Hall first. Tea and coffee will be available, lunch is according to your own arrangements.


Arts & Sciences

The Place: Kraken Hall
When: The first Sunday of every month
The Time: 10am until 4pm finish.
The Cost: $2 for Members & $12 for Non-Members*
AThis will be a group day for Arts & Sciences, when people bring materials, equipment and ideas to the hall so we can make stuff. Or just come along to hang out and see the amazing things being created. Bring along things you need for sewing or other projects – fabric, sewing stuff, things for working on armour, or whatever you will be doing. Plenty of table space will be provided.

Email Drusticc for any further information,


Southern Rapier Training

The Place: Kraken Hall
When: Every Monday
The Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Cost: $2 for Members & $12 for Non-Members*
Contact Declan on 0448 119 002 (SMS preferred).


Midweek Fighter Training

The Place: Kraken Hall
When: Every Wednesday
The Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
The Cost: $2 for Members & $12 for Non-Members*
Contact the Baronial Knight-Marshal for more information on


The Canton of Lightwood Imot (meeting)

The Place: Private Address – please contact the Lightwood Seneschal Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen or check the Lightwood Facebook Group.
When: Monthly on the first Sunday.
The Time: Sunday 4pm
The Cost: $2 members voluntary donation, $12 non-members*


* Current non-member prices include an additional $10 to cover non-member insurance. These are subject to change so check this page for updates.