Below is an automated list of officers of the barony. Below the following list are any extra officers that Ynys Fawr has that didn’t make the Kingdom-run automated list.

Baronial Office Holders

  Office Office Holder Since
  Baron Canon Lore link Baron David de Darlington (he/him) March 2020
  Baroness Canon Lore link Baroness Arabella de Darlington (she/they) March 2020
Canon Lore link Baroness Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn (they/them) June 2021
Arts and Sciences Canon Lore link Lady Johanna Stafford (She/They) August 2023
Canon Lore link Lady Sybil de Speresholt (she/her) March 2022
  Deputy Reeve Canon Lore link Lady Johanna Stafford (She/They) September 2022
Canon Lore link Sorcha Donlevy May 2023
(First aid officer)
Aeaf (she/her) February 2023
Constable Aeaf (she/her) March 2023
Captain of Archers Canon Lore link Eiríkr ParðI July 2023
Knight Marshal Canon Lore link Lord Thomas De La Mer (he/him) December 2021
  Fencing Marshal Canon Lore link Catherine Redewell May 2023


Other Baronial Officers

Baronial Gold Key (lends out clothes and feasting gear to newcomers): Lady Sorcha. Email: