The Barony is run by volunteer officers. Here you’ll find them by name, email address, title and modern equivalent title. Click through for their officer page, with full details

While the fancier table is temporarily down, here is a less fancy version


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Modern Equivalent

Officer’s SCA Name


Seneschal President Baroness Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn
Reeve Treasurer La Signora Onorata Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora
Knight Marshal Armoured combat Lord Aiden Brock
Dromond Herald Announcements and heraldry Lord Richard of Dunheved
Arts & Sciences Non-combat arts Lord Tosti Vicherovich Bogolyubskiy
Captain of Archers Archery Lord Ragnbjorn inn Digri
Hospitaller Newcomer contact Baron Gershom of Ravensdale
Chirurgeon Medic [Vacant. Apply by sending an email to the Seneschal]
Constable Security Lord Ragnbjorn inn Digri
Gold Key (South) Loaner gear, Hobart region Baroness Beatrix Aðíslsdóttir y Jelling
Gold Key (North) Loaner gear, Northern region [Vacant. Apply by sending an email to the Seneschal]
Lists Tournament records [Vacant. Apply by sending an email to the Seneschal]
Rapier Marshal Renaissance-style fencing Lord Perran of Lyskyret
Historian Historical records Baroness Adelindis filia Gotefridi
Web Minister / Chronicler Website/Newsletter Editor Baron Gershom of Ravensdale