Post Pestilence Party

Post Pestilence Party

Saturday, 5 September 2020 from 09:30-15:00
Kraken Hall, Hobart Showground

Come gather at the hall for a ‘getting back to normal’ gathering and help our Baron and Baroness celebrate their first in-person event.

We will have both Heavy and Rapier combat, as well as target archery (weather permitting) and a bring-your-own lunch. There will be strong social distancing and hygiene requirements in place so we will not be able to share food, and we will be encouraged to spread out about the hall, similar to a Camel Feast, but with chairs provided. Everyone will also be required to sign in with their mundane name and phone number for tracing purposes.

The entry fee is $5 entry which must be paid electronically after you get your booking code.
To book please send an email toLord Erlendr Tryggvason with your SCA name and membership number.



9:30 – Site Open
10:25 – Rapier armour inspections
10:40 – Rapier Tourney
11:30 – Catch up break
11:45 – heavy armour inspections
12:00 – heavy tourney
1:00 – Relaxed camel styled lunch
Closing Court – whenever B&B would prefer
2:00 – archery
Pack Up – whenever people would like to