Applications Open for Web Minister

I realised I’ve been in the job as Ynys Fawr web minister for two and a half years, which is longer than I should be.  I’m therefore looking for a successor.  Ideally, I’d like to get the job changed over at the investiture in March, but we’ll see how that goes.

To be webmin in Ynys Fawr is easy enough. The system is solid and reliable, and I’ll be around as part of the Masonry Team to help with any tricky bits.  You need to be able to write readable English and operate software no more complicated than Gmail or Word at the very basic level.  In essence, if you can use Facebook and email, you have the necessary skills.

Please email me on if you’re interested, and I’ll pass your application on to the Seneschal.

In service,

Karl Faustus von Aachen

New Officer Progress:
Applications Opened: 11 Feb 2020
Shortlist for Commentary: 20 Feb 2020
Consultation Period – two weeks
Notice to Candidates & Scheduling – 5 Mar 2020
Confirmation & Handover – 7 Mar 2020 (at the Investiture)