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May Champions Prevail!

Join us for a day of High Deeds on the tourney field and a night of Glorious Feasting!

When: Saturday 6th August

Where: Glenorchy Show Grounds

There will be heavy and rapier tourneys during the day, A&S happenings, a potluck feast at night

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Some physical events are happening again so please come along and have fun. Covid-19 is still an issue so please be aware that there are strict hygiene rules in place and that events may have to be cancelled again in the future. No cash will be accepted so attendance fees need to be paid electronically before-hand. Everyone, gather cautiously and be merry!


The SCA in Tasmania runs regular social events and practice activities in Hobart, There is also a small group starting up in the north around Launceston to Burnie, known as Nordurvik. We also host several garbed events such as feasts, picnics, and tournaments throughout the year. Activities include such things as arts & sciences, martial arts and other medieval pastimes, including the monthly Baronial Business MeetingsScroll down for the Baronial calendar.

If you’re based in Hobart or nearby, you can get a quick introduction to the Barony just by coming along to Kraken Hall during any of our scheduled regular activities.

You can find out what’s happening by browsing the Facebook groups for Ynys Fawr, Nordurvik, or just browse this website.

Also check out the events list for details.