August Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send warm greetings,

We successfully delivered our final two Healthy Hobart Goes Dark demos on July 1 and 15. There was a great turnout for both, but the Make Your Own Foam Sword activity was particularly popular! Thanks to Baroness Anna, Master Hrolf Herjolfssen, Sir Wulfgar Jarnsiða, THL Karl Faustus von Aachen, THL Declan of Drogheda, Lord Anselm da Calabria and Lord Floki Snorrason for their attendance, and to THL Elena Anthony for her organisational help.

We were honoured to host the Crown for the 25th Anniversary event on 6-8 July. Despite it being a very wet and cold weekend, we got through the archery, heavy and rapier tournaments on Saturday during breaks in the weather, and thawed out in front of the open fire in between. HRM Tailltiu’s scribal arts workshop on Sunday was well attended, and we even squeezed in some extra archery afterwards. The winners of the tournaments were THL William de Bonnay (archery), Lord Anselm (rapier) and HRM Rowland (heavy). THL William also won the A&S “Dirty Half-Dozen” Largesse competition with his entry of Tudor thread spools/needlecases based on a find from the Mary Rose. Thanks to everyone who entered all of the tournaments and competitions. We were also delighted to welcome back various early members of the Barony who came to celebrate the anniversary, including Master Ianto van Diemen, Baroness Vitex Tatiana and Lord Richard of Dunheved.

We would like to congratulate the following gentles who received Royal awards: THL Aidan Brock (Nock), Baroness Jehanne de Finistère (Prometheus), Baroness Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn (Court Barony) and Lady Wenefrith Everett de Calabria (Rowan). We also announced our Baronial Champions at Court on Saturday night. Congratulations go to Lord Anselm (archery), Master David de Derlington (heavy), Sir Guillaume d’Oze (rapier) and Lord Floki (A&S) for the inspiration you provide in these fields. Baronial awards were presented to Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora (Gules Anchor) and Lady Elspeth Jameson (Sable Chain). Thanks to Baroness Anna as steward, Lady Alessandra as head cook, and all their helpers, who made it a lovely weekend.

Baroness Adelindis took up the role of Baronial Historian in July with a well-received history display of the first six years of Ynys Fawr, presented at the 25th Anniversary event. She welcomes any scanned or physical copies of documents, newsletters, flyers, photos etc you may be able to find, and can be contacted at

We closed out the month with the round table discussion on volunteering with Sir Oze, and a number of members attended a feast at the Mormon Church in Glen Huon to provide entertainment, through the liaison of the Housse de Bonnay. Thanks to Lady Jehanne for leading the dancing, Lord Joab Cohen and Sir Oze for the heavy combat display, Sir Oze and Baroness Anna for rapier, and THL Karl for singing and MCing the combat displays. After a big couple of months, we do not have much in the calendar from now until October, so we are hoping that some of the proposals we have heard for smaller events during the next few months will be approved through the usual official channels shortly. There will be a garbed portrait photography opportunity available to members of the Barony at the Hall on 18th August: contact our Chatelaine, THL Elena, for more details.

In news of travel, Baroness Adelindis recently voyaged to the Barony Saint-Florian-de-la-rivière to be present at the Coronation of TRM Kinggiyadai and Altani, and present Them with diverse riches in spices and other commodities from Their southern island. Lady Alessandra was also in attendance as one of the 20-strong kitchen staff who assisted Master Drake Morgan in presenting glorious food throughout the weekend. Looking ahead, Baroness Anna will be at the Fields of Steel Rapier War in Innilgard in early September, and Baroness Adelindis in attendance at Great Southern Gathering in Krae Glas in early October. GSG is currently calling for teachers in various streams, so if you are considering attending and teaching a class, please let them know.

Unfortunately, at this stage neither of us will be able to attend Stormhold’s 30th Anniversary at the end of this month. Given the close ties between our groups, we would be delighted to hear of anyone who is planning to attend who could deliver a letter to our cousins Brìan and Miriam on our behalf. We would also remind our populace that Twelfth Night Coronation is being held by our closest neighbouring Barony, Krae Glas, in early January next year, and bookings are now open. Baroness Adelindis is hoping to be in attendance, and would be delighted to have company.

Yours in service to the Crown and the populace of Ynys Fawr,

Anna and Adelindis