July Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send warm greetings,

It was with sadness that we farewelled Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta on her voyage to her new home in the Barony of Politarchopolis this month. But we are very happy to welcome Master David de Derlington, who has been confirmed in her place as the new Baronial Seneschal. In other officer news, Baroness Adelindis is currently in the commentary period, which ends on 1 July, for the role of Baronial Historian, and Lady Wenefrith Everett de Calabria has been put forward for the position of Chronicler.

This month has been a busy one, with the Canton of Lightwood welcoming in winter with a Roman-themed celebration at Saturnalia on June 9th. It was a delightful event, with fun activities in the afternoon and singing and games in the evening. Head cook Óláfr Hafrillugi well and truly lived up to the Canton’s motto “Walk in, waddle home” in his first (but hopefully not last!) feast for the group. Thanks go to steward THL Karl Faustus von Aachen, head cook Óláfr, and also to dancing instructor Baroness Jehanne de Finistère who lead a number of us in several dances to chase away the winter chill.

In other activities, we have successfully delivered the first two Healthy Hobart Goes Dark sessions on June 17 and 24, and will be putting on the final two on July 1 and 15. Thanks to THL Karl, Lord Anselm da Calabria, Lord Bohemond Drakerath of Wadestone, Master Hrolf Herjolfssen, Baroness Beatrix Aðíslsdóttir y Jelling, Sir Wulfgar Jarnsiða and Dana of Ynys Fawr for their attendance so far, and to THL Elena Anthony for her organisational help. As well as being a good opportunity to promote the SCA to people who are already interested in what we do, the Barony is being paid to provide these activities on behalf of the City of Hobart so it would be great to see a big turnout. Our first demo was rain-affected and we would like to be able to offer the Kubb activity again on July 15, alongside the tabletop games, so extra people would be particularly appreciated on that day.

Our 25th Anniversary celebration approaches at speed. We have sent out a separate missive regarding our request for your stories of inspiration for selecting our Champions, but we would also like to remind people that this is a Royal event, so – recommend, recommend, recommend! We have heard from some of you, but we are sure others must yet have words to share. Our most noble Crown Prince and Princess have informed us that it will not be in Their power to visit Their lands of Ynys Fawr in Their upcoming reign, so this will be our only Royal visit this year.

The Canton of Lightwood has re-established regular A&S project nights on the second and fourth Friday of the month at the Geeveston Community Centre – all are welcome. If you enjoy A&S but the Canton is too distant, a reminder that the Baronial project nights are held every Thursday, from 6:30pm at Kraken Hall, with dancing on the second Thursday of the month. The final Thursday of every odd-numbered month is the round table discussion hosted by Sir Guillaume d’Oze, with the next one being the 26th of July. A&S is also held on Sundays while the Hall is open for archery, usually from 11-2.

In news of travel, Baroness Anna has returned safely from her sojourn in Drachenwald where she attended her second Summer Coronation, hosted by the College of St John of Rila. She next expects to leave our shores to fight in the Fields of Steel Rapier War in the Barony of Innilgard in September. As well as Midwinter Coronation, Baroness Adelindis will be attending the next Great Southern Gathering, to be hosted by the Barony of Krae Glas in early October. There are some great opportunities for rapier fighters, in particular, to gain in knowledge and experience by wayfaring to these events, and we would be delighted to have the opportunity to encourage the endeavours of our populace in more distant lands.

Yours in service to the Crown and the populace of Ynys Fawr,
Anna and Adelindis