September Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send warm greetings,

Our thanks go to Lord Richard of Dunheved for his beautiful work in calligraphing and illuminating our letter to the Baron and Baroness of Stormhold to mark the occasion of their Barony’s 30th anniversary. It was received with delight and we are very grateful that our words were conveyed so beautifully to our cousins.

There was a good turn-out in both photographers and models for the garbed portrait photography afternoon on 18th August, with Baroness Adelindis, Master Hrolf Herjolffsen, Master David de Darlington, THL Elena Anthony, Baroness Beatrix Aðíslsdóttir y Jelling, Baroness Jehanne de Finistère, Lord Joab Cohen, Lord Perran of Lyskeret and David the Philosopher in attendance for the session. Some beautiful photos have already been posted. Thanks to Chatelaine Elena for her ongoing liaison with the Hobart Photographers Group.

The Canton of Lightwood held a pot luck feast on 25th August at GeCo. While the turnout was small, the food was traditionally Lightwoodian in quality and quantity, and the company was convivial. The Canton is planning to hold another potluck feast on October 6th, to which all in the Barony are cordially invited. The Canton is also holding a working bee on September 8th at Old Briar Farm, please contact THL Karl Faustus von Aachen for details.

We closed out the month with two demos, also organised by our indefatigable Chatelaine. We were invited to hold a stall at the Mornington Bunnings’ Family Fun Night, and Baroness Anna, Master David, Baroness Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn and Lord Richard put on a well-received demo. Baroness Anna, Sir Guillaume d’Oze, Sir Wulfgar Jarnsiða, Master David, Lady Genevieve of Ynys Fawr and Ben of St Gildas attended the medieval banquet at Frogmore Creek Winery and put on a display of combat as well as promoting the group. Preparation has also been ongoing for the annual Tarremah School banquet in early September, with Master Hrolf, THL Aiden Brock, Baroness Beatrix, Baroness Jehanne and Lady Jennifer le Dragoner de Lille assisting with teaching and organisation. Thanks to everybody for your invaluable contributions.

We have several major opportunities for fundraising and recruitment coming up, including the Bunnings sausage sizzle at Mornington on September 23rd. We need plenty of people to volunteer to take a shift for what is our major fundraising opportunity for the rest of the year, please sign up at the Facebook event or contact Michael Preddy for details. Master David is again co-ordinating the Hobart show demo – which this year will be held over three days instead of the traditional four – on October 25-27. If you can help out, please sign up at the Facebook event listing or contact him with your availability for combat demos, A&S demos or greeting visitors.

Preparations have begun for many of us who will be attending the Theatre of Food Feast on December 8th, with several Elizabethan costuming workshops held and more in the planning stages. Bookings for the feast are still open, but need to be paid in full by November 17th. And a reminder that Sir Oze is still looking for servers! If attending as a guest for the full feast experience is not feasible, servers will be given the opportunity to experience the menu for a heavily discounted price ahead of the event, in exchange for being available for dedicated service on the night. Please contact Sir Oze for more details, or talk to bookings officer Master David de Darlington.

In news of travel, Baroness Anna will be at the Fields of Steel Rapier War in Innilgard this coming weekend, and Baroness Adelindis in attendance at Great Southern Gathering in Krae Glas in early October. The draft class timetable for GSG is now available and it looks like it will be a spectacular weekend of A&S as well as rapier – particularly for those who are interested in cookery, with a number of highly regarded teachers from other Baronies offering classes. If Great Southern Gathering is not possible, Twelfth Night Coronation is being held by the Barony of Krae Glas in early January next year at the same venue, and bookings are now open. Baroness Adelindis has booked passage and will be in attendance.

Yours in service to the Crown and the populace of Ynys Fawr,
Anna and Adelindis