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Royal Event – The Holy City – War and Feast

Date: 7 February 2015
Site: Surges Bay Hall and Oval,
Esperance Coast Road, Surges Bay, TAS 7116
Cost: Full Day – Adult $41, Teen $26, Child 6-12 $18
Feast Only – Adult $35, Teen $20, Child $15
Day Only –  Adult $10, Teen $5, Child $5
Children 0-5 Free  / Non-members add $5

The Holy City is a tour through 1000 years of Jerusalem’s history in food and culture. Join the Canton of Lightwood as they host the Khagan and Yeke Khatun for a day of war, markets, entertainment and a night of revelry, and explore the tumultuous history of the city which was the sacred centre of the medieval world.

Steward: Adelindis filia Gotefridi,
Bookings: Ursula Mariae Einhorn (Bookings close 1-02-2015)


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