Art, Science, and Technique Weekend

Join Us for an Exciting Training Weekend of Art, Science, and Technique!

Step into a world of possibility at the A.S.T. Weekend, set to unfold on August 24th-25th, 2024, within the walls of Molesworth Hall. Hosted by Ynys Fawr, this event offers an immersive experience where combat, creativity, and innovation come together.

Under the guidance of expert instructors; Duchess Eva and Sir Lankin, participants will delve into the intricate realms of sword and shield combat, costume design, pole-arm mastery, and shaped weapon crafting. Whether you’re honing your skills as a seasoned fighter or embarking on a journey of exploration as a novice. Maybe you are looking to elevate your garb or crafting toolkit. All of these are options at this dynamic weekend. Immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere of learning and camaraderie, where the pursuit of excellence in the arts, the sciences, and in technique; is celebrated.

Tickets are available to cover hall and instructor expenses, ensuring an unforgettable weekend of growth, community, and shared experiences at the A.S.T. Weekend!

Bring your lunch as there are no shops nearby. Wear normal comfortable clothes, not garb.

All skill levels and all genders are welcome. We’ll have gear to borrow if you are new. Spectators are welcome.

Timetable and list of classes will be announced soon!

Cost Whole Weekend                                              
$29 for adult members
free for minor members
$39 for adult non-members
$5 for minor non-members
Cost One Day Only
$16 for adult members
free for minor members
$26 for adult non-members
$5 for minor non-members
Location: Molesworth Community Hall, 560 Molesworth Road, Molesworth (on the back road between Berriedale and New Norfolk)

Contact the Steward:

Book here to receive your invoice via email.

The Current Event TimeTable is below (Timetable may be updated so please check regularly for the latest information):