November Monthly Letter

Greetings unto the most magnificent populace of Ynys Fawr,

What a month! Last time we met it was just before the explosive month that was October and early November.

The Sheffield demo with the The Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar Tasmania (OSMTJ) was a hit and had numerous people put their name down as interested in joining the group in the North.

The Royal Hobart Show only cemented for us that we are an integral part of the show with the Friday night rose tourney a hit with the crowd. The hall set up was much better and having an active kitchen display was inspired! Thank you to Jackie, Kellianne and Kyle for their efforts on the kitchen, our stomachs and the stomachs of many others thoroughly approved!

The New Norfolk Medieval fair was good and next year if the dates align we hope to have a larger presence.

Lastly, November Crown. What can we possibly say but thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you for turning up, helping in set up and pack down, assisting in serving food, fighting in the Crown Tournament, making banners, making shade pavilions, cooking food, heralding, helping with lists, fighting the roses tourney or shooting archery, transporting items, inspiring us and each other and the Kingdom through your actions and words. You have done Ynys Fawr mightily proud.

Congratulations to all those who received Baronial awards at the event.

Sir Guillaume d’Oze – Order of the Golden Beacon
Master David de Darlington – Order of the Falchion
Lord Floki Snorrason, Lady Mariot de Bonnay, Lord Druisten Hrafnsson and Master Hrolf Herjolfssen – Baronial Cyphers

While we were saddened by the departure of Lord Floki, Lady Mariot and Lord Druisten from our retinue, we were delighted to welcome Lord Joab Cohen as our new Captain of the Guard, replacing Lord Druisten.

We shall leave it to his Majesty King Steffan and Crux Australis to announce the Kingdom awards but we believe the secret is certainly out of the bag and that Baron David de Darlington is now MASTER David de Darlington and a peer of the Order of the Pelican. Our most hearty congratulations Master David, we cried tears of joy and could see the Barony truly rejoiced at your elevation.

We cannot wait to see what the Barony does for Crown events in the future and we hope to discuss this further at the round table discussion on Monday 27th November.

Until then fair Barony, great love and many thanks to all, for without you, we shall be nought,

Anna and Adelindis
Ynys Fawr