March Monthly Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send warm greetings

We have had a very busy month since the last letter, and have an equally busy month approaching! But first, we would like to extend our thanks to THL Declan of Drogheda at the completion of his term as Baronial Seneschal, and welcome Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta as our incoming Seneschal, as she takes up her duties at the March meeting. Likewise, it was a privilege to thank Baroness Beatrix Aðíslsdóttir y Jelling for her three years as Reeve, and welcome her successor, Lady Drustic Inigena Eddarrnonn, who stepped up at St Sebastian’s. It has been a busy month for officer changeovers, with the Canton also farewelling A&S Minister Mechtilde, Constable Lady Morwenna de Bonnay, and Marshal Lord Robert de Bonnay, and welcoming the incoming Herald Sasori, Marshal Lady Morwenna, and Constable Lord Ranmor Argul.

Thanks must also go to those members and friends of the College of St Gildas the Wise who assisted with the successful stall at O Day in February. We are delighted to see some of our new and enthusiastic collegians beginning to attend events and explore their interests within the Barony.

Thanks also to THL William and Lady Morwenna de Bonnay and their able assistants from the Canton for another successful St Sebastian’s Archery Tournament and Picnic. We were glad to have the company – and the challenge – of members of the Loxley Archers who journeyed down from the north to join us for the event, as well as the inspiration of seeing one of our new members attending his first ever event in full Viking kit. It was also our great pleasure to bestow the Gules Anchor upon the deeply deserving Lady Wenefrith Everett de Calabria in recognition of her many years of quiet service to our Barony.

The first Market Day was quite successful with various swathes of fabric, books and other bits and pieces changing hands. By request, we will look into holding another one later in the year for those who were unable to participate in this one. We were also pleased to have a fun and successful Newcomers’ Picnic at Nutgrove Park the following weekend, with a good turnout of old and new members, far too much food, and boules, boffer and rapier for entertainment.

Following up on this momentum, we have two upcoming demos in the beginning of April: AICon at Wrest Point Convention Centre on 7-8th and St Mary’s Wood Guild Open Day on Saturday 14th. Fighters and other participants are still sought for the demo on Saturday afternoon at AICon, and while there are already some members planning on journeying north to join the stalwarts in Eastkirk for the Wood Guild demo, the more the merrier! With events in the early planning stages in both Leathann Tir and Eastkirk later in the year, we look forward to an exciting year in the north.

As Festival rapidly approaches we are very excited at the number of members who will be making the trip to Rowany this year, particularly those who will be attending their first Festival. We would love to have a substantial Ynys Fawr presence in the declaration procession this year, and we look forward to the difference it will make having the travelling thrones and banners which have been made since our last trip. Once again, please let us know if there are any activities where you would like one of us to be present at to support you, and we will do our very best to be there.

And looking further afield, an exciting opportunity has come our way to participate in Hobart’s midwinter festival Dark Mofo over a series of weekends in June and July. While exact details are still in the discussion stage, we encourage anyone who may be keen to help us take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a major public event to speak to our indefatigable Chatelaine, THL Elena Anthony, for more information.

Yours in service to the Crown and the people of Ynys Fawr,

Anna and Adelindis
Ynys Fawr