August Monthly Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send warm greetings.

Congratulations to King Niall and Queen Sabine on Their elevation to the Crown of Lochac, which took place in Southron Gaard this past month. Huzzah! We look forward to the Royal visit being organised for the elevation of Sir Guillaume d’Oze to the Order of the Pelican, which is in the planning stages for December this year. We would also like to offer our belated congratulations to Sir Oze, who received the Lochac Order of Grace at Great Northern War in June. Sir Oze and Master David de Derlington also received the Royal Cypher in thanks for their service in the Queen’s Guard during the reign.

Thanks must go to our A&S Officer, Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora, for organising the judging session for the Midwinter A&S competitions, and to all the judges who took the time out of their weekend to fulfill this role: Lady Alessandra, Mistress Madeleine de Bourgogne, and Sir Oze. Gocken de Leeu (with the assistance of his mother) won the Group category with an entry on Tribal Nomads; and Baroness Adelindis won the Beginner category with an entry on the theme “For the head”. We also had some exciting news announced by the Kingdom Youth Officer in the lead-up to Midwinter: there is now an A&S competition entry level (for both Kingdom and group-level competitions) specifically for children and youth. While youth members are still able to enter the other competition levels, it is hoped that a youth-specific entry level will encourage more participation. Please talk to Lady Alessandra for more information.

Lady Alessandra’s warrant as A&S minister is coming to an end this month and the position is still being advertised; please contact her for more information. A&S is one of the greater offices which are required for the Barony to stay operational, it is also an important office in its own right as the promotion of A&S is one of the things which gives our Barony its pageantry and splendour. We are pleased to hear that there has been a successful applicant for the position of Dromond Herald and look forward to Lord Perran of Lyskyret taking up the position this month. We would remind the populace that taking on an office does not need to be limited to those for whom the activity is a primary focus of their SCA life: willingness to keep up with the paperwork, rather than specific expertise in the area, is the basic qualification for a number of offices, and help for new officers is always available.

Thanks to Deputy Chatelaine Lord Erlendr Tryggvason for taking over the administration of the Barony’s Instagram account, which had fallen into a period of torpor. We encourage our populace to capture many scenes to share with him, so that all across the Knowne World can see the splendours of the Barony.

The Canton has been active this past month, making an appearance en masse in garb at the Huon Community Bonfire Night, held on 6 July at St James Church, Ranelagh. Congratulations on their work in raising the profile of the group in the community. After the success of the first workshop in June, A&S officer, TH Lord William de Bonnay, repeated the workshop on making a basic wooden box, and again there were a number of attendees. Unfortunately, due to the lightness of bookings and the illness of the steward, Saturnalia has had to be cancelled this year.

We urge everyone to remember to book early for the upcoming event, Three Winter Dances, to be held on August 24, which will encompass the winter quarterly tournaments followed by a ball. The extra practices organised by dance mistress Baroness Jehanne de Finistère have been well-attended and we look forward to seeing some of our populace trying out for membership in the Silver Rondel. There has been a change in the stewarding team, with Lady Alessandra having to withdraw and being replaced by co-stewards Master David and Baroness Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn. This has meant a slight adjustment to the format of the refreshments, with the event now being supplemented potluck lunch and supper, accordingly the event will now go ahead with a reduced price. Please contact Baroness Drusticc to book.

We would also remind our populace that the Barony of Innilgard is currently calling for teachers for the 11th Great Southern Gathering, to be held 4-7 October in their fair lands. If you are interested please talk to Sir Mari Alexander on As ever, we encourage our populace – particularly our rapier fighters – to brave the krakens and travel to this event.

Yours in service to the Crown and the populace of Ynys Fawr,

Anna and Adelindis