April Monthly Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send warm greetings

We would like to thank everybody who assisted with the stall and demos at AICon. It was a great turnout from the Barony, and many convention-goers stopped to talk to us at the stall or watch the fighting, with a goodly number taking flyers and signing up for future contact. It was a new opportunity for the Barony to reach people with compatible interests, and we hope will prove a fruitful one.

Thanks also go to Lady Lilion de Ardmacha and Lord Ren Raw from Eastkirk and Mechtilde Schuynagel and Óláfr Hafrillugi from the Canton for their work in promoting the Barony’s presence in the north this month. Although the St Mary’s Wood Guild Open Day was unfortunately cancelled due to wild weather, they did not let that stop them and spent the day promoting the SCA through their presence in garb at other locations in the area.

For many of us, of course, the highlight of April was attending Rowany Festival. We were delighted to have such a large contingent from the Barony attending this year, and by their contributions throughout the event. The Kingdom is strengthened and sustained by service given by the populace at all levels, and it was very inspiring to see our members so heavily involved in the running of Festival, particularly Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta who was Festival steward this year and was honoured by the Barony of Rowany in closing Court with the Order of the Frantic Falcon (for stewarding above and beyond the call of sanity). THL Declan of Drogheda also ran Gate again this year, and Lord Perran of Lyskeret was given the Order of the Silver Cinquefoil by Baronage Rowany for his extensive volunteer contributions. Sir Guillaume d’Oze also contributed greatly as a marshal throughout Festival, particularly during Autumn Crown. We would also like to give our personal thanks to Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora and Lady Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn for their tireless contributions as our attendants throughout Festival.

Now that our travellers have all returned, we can look ahead to future activities in the Barony. Very soon we will be honoured with a visit from Maestro Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysábúrí, who will be teaching at Little Bit of Rapier on the weekend of 19-20 May. We would encourage people to book for this event, stewarded by Lord Perran and with a feast cooked by Countess Beatrice, if they have not already done so. We would also like to remind people that the Canton of Lightwood will be holding their second feast of Saturnalia on June 9th – somewhat earlier this year to avoid clashing with the Baronial Anniversary. While details of this event are still scant, steward THL Karl Faustus von Aachen assures us that his head cook Óláfr is busy coming up with exciting plans for a delicious feast.

Establishing a Day of Champions has been a goal of our Baronage, and after considerable thought, consultation and discussion since we first raised this idea last year, we have settled on a solution which we feel best encapsulates the values of the Kingdom, and will provide us with Champions who will most truly represent our Barony and do greatest honour to the Crown Whose lands these are. Long have we pondered how areas as diverse in spirit and practice as the combat arts, archery and arts and sciences might be tied together through one single quality, but in the end we believe that the answer lies in seeking that shining light which lies at the heart of our Kingdom and all its endeavours: inspiration. While prowess in our disciplines is what we strive to achieve, prowess alone is not the best measure of a champion, for it does not allow us to consider everything that a person may give of themselves, the chivalry and grace with which they conduct themselves both on and off the field, and the fullness of their contribution in service, in teaching, and in inspiring people to pursue their art. All of these are qualities which we as a Kingdom prize more highly than prowess alone. Therefore our Champions will be chosen not only through display of their prowess upon the field or through exhibition of their works, but through seeking the stories from our populace of those who inspire them with their conduct and their contributions.

It is our will that the first Day of Champions be held during our 25th Anniversary celebrations, which will be held on the weekend of 6-8th July. As this is a Royal event, we look forward to showing Their Majesties Rowland and Tailltiu the best that Their Barony of Ynys Fawr has to offer in rapier, armoured combat, target archery, and the arts and sciences. This event is fully catered from Friday night to Sunday, and will include a display of the history of the Barony as well as tournaments, an open A&S display, and a class on scribal arts to be taught by the Queen on Sunday.

Now that the Heirs to the Crown of Lochac have been proclaimed, we would like to remind our populace that Midwinter Coronation will be held by the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere on the weekend of July 21-22nd. Baroness Adelindis will be in attendance to see the crowning of Their Royal Highnesses Kinggayadai and Altani, and swear fealty to the new Crown, and would be delighted to see others from the Barony present at what is sure to be a memorable event.

Yours in service to the Crown and the populace of Ynys Fawr
Anna and Adelindis