Applications Open for New Seneschal

This an opportunity to make a difference, and to guide the direction of Ynys Fawr’s
growth and administration.

Sadly, I have to head overseas in July, and therefore the Kingdom Seneschal is
actively seeking applications for my replacement. This two-year office is a broad
and a varied role, more diverse than the official description suggests.

The Seneschal is a group’s chief administrative officer and, among other things:

* Serves as the principal mundane legal representative of the SCA within the group

* Receives reports from all other group officers on the status of their office

* Makes such reports as are required to the B&B and Kingdom Seneschal

* Has the final say on which events the group sponsors, and is the final authority for
each event steward if problems or concerns arise

* Promotes the smooth running and continued growth of the group, its offices, and
its events

Far and away the most rewarding part of the role for me has been the opportunity to work with all the officers in Ynys Fawr and the steep learning curve I have had as a relatively new member of the SCA. I am proud of our response in 2020 and continuing to thrive as a Barony despite our small size and the challenges of the last 12 months. I decided to volunteer for a role some 12 months ago to keep myself active in the group and to learn, Seneschal wasn’t the role I expected to eventually land however I hope I have provided good service to the populace as well as provided some much need respite to those who have continually held officer roles and needed a break.

You may not think that you are the right person for this job, but if your friends
forward you a copy of this notice, pay attention to them! And if you know someone
who you think would be good in the job, do them (and all of us) a favour – ask them
to apply.

For more general information about the role, see:



Please send your applications by 28th April 2021 to with courtesy copies to

If you would like to know more about the job, or to discuss how you see yourself
taking it forward, I – or indeed the Kingdom Seneschal – would love to hear from you.

Robert MacDonald
Ynys Fawr Seneschal