Words from Their Excellencies

Warm greetings unto the Barony,

This past weekend we held our Day of Champions to test the strength and courage of our Combatants and the fine skills of our Artisans, we must say we were greatly pleased by the number of you that were able to attend, including several newcomers.

To our Wayfarers the Lady Rhianna and Lord Clifford we thank you for coming early and helping with setup and the kind words delivered in Court from our cousins Baron Giles and Baroness Anne of Politarchopolis. It was very considerate of Their Excellency’s to send Their own Baronial Champion “Lord Clifford” to test our Heavy Combatants.
Lord Thomas and Lord Tosti we hope you enjoy your stay over the coming months within our Barony and We look forward to welcoming you both again to our next event.

During opening Court and on behalf of Their Majesty’s we had the utmost pleasure of acknowledging the good works of several people within our populace. Congratulations to Sir Guillaume d’Oze who received the Prometheus, to Mistress Miriam de Mont Noir who received the Star & Lily and to Lord Erlendr Tryggvason who received his Gratia Coronae, along with his magnificent Award of Arms Scroll, as scribed by Lord Richard of Dunheved.

The day began with the Heavy Tournament to decide Ynys Fawr’s new Heavy Champion. Sir Oze, Sir Wulfgar, Lord Anselm, Lord Erlendr, Lord Clifford and I took to the field and fought a best of three in typical Tourney fashion, Her Excellency and I were most impressed with the displays of Prowess, Honour and Chivalry. While Sir Oze took the field, Sir Wulfgar was named Champion on the day.

We then broke our fast and took the opportunity to view our Artisans craftmanship, many of the entries submitted for the A&S Championship were of a very high standard and so hard to judge. The task was to create a period item that would be useful in the protection of our shores. The items were not just judged on their research or quality, but the story of how they might be used. It should also be noted that the story accompanying each entry would bear substantial weight when it comes to the final judging score. And during our repast we were greatly entertained by some of those stories. Congratulations to Lord Gocken for his Roman Ration Basket and to our A&S Champion Lord Erlendr for his Cloak. Our thanks go to our judges Mistress Madelaine and Mistress Miriam, who also coordinated the A&S.

After lunch we held our Champion Rapier Tournament with Sir Wulfgar, TH Lord Declan, Lord Anselm, and fighting in his first Tourney Lord Ragnbjorn, imagine our surprise and joy when Lord Ragnbjorn, not only held the field but was named Champion.

During closing Court, we had the opportunity to acknowledge the winners of the Tourneys with one of her Excellency’s tokens and to present our Champions with a Norse inspired leather pouch each, made by our own hands. It also gave us great pleasure to accept Lord Ragnbjorn onto our Baronial Guard.

Unfortunately, we could not hold our Target Archery competition as planned, but please know this will definitely be held sometime in the near future.

A huge thank you to Lady Drusticc for all your help leading up to and after the event, to our Herald and Constable Lord Richard and to our Marshals in Charge Sir Wulfgar and TH Lord Declan. And to our Populace you made our Day of Champions one to remember.

Yours in service,
David & Arabella
Baron & Baroness of Ynys Fawr