Tudor Midwinter Merriments

Tudor Midwinter Merriments

A Tudor celebration to liven up winter. In the spirit of ‘guising’ and masques, guests are invited to conceal
their identity with a disguise, costume or mask. The evening will begin with entertainments and dancing. A
feast of Henrician proportions and delectability will follow.

Order of Events


1st of June 2024

(4pm to 6pm – Set up)
6pm – Event start
6.15pm – Opening Court
Then dances, disguising, entertainments, with drinks and tasty morsels
7:30pm – Feasting
8.30pm – Second Court (prizes awarded)
9pm – Banquet and games
10pm – Close

Pilgrim Hall (34 Patterson St, Launceston)

$30 members ($10 additional for non members)
$20 minors ($5 additional for non members)
$20 offboard

A&S competition
Entries welcomed for ‘Mask’, ‘16th century’ and ‘Adornment’

Dress code
Tudor, 16 th Century or in the spirit of ‘disguising’ – any appropriate persona or character you wish
Conceal your identity with a disguise, costume or mask and surprise others with your ‘reveal’ to their great

Lady Sybil de Speresholt, Lady Joanna Stafford, Lady Elizabeth Saunders

Lady Elizabeth Saunders