Spring Seasonal Tournament: 18 November

A tournament on Sunday November 18th at Nutgrove, Long Beach Rd, Sandy Bay (under the old oak tree).

Their Excellencies of Ynys Fawr have requested Tournaments!
This will be the first Seasonal Tournament of Ynys Fawr where combatants will contest the Barony’s traditional prizes, The Bronze Falchion (Armoured) and The Lymphad (Fencing).
Come and join us for a Pot-Luck picnic and some biff… oh and Chivalry and Prowess.

Site opens: 2:00pm.
Armour Inspection closes: 3:00pm.
Invocation Court: 3:00pm.
Fencing Tournament: 3:15pm.
Armoured Tournament: 4:00pm.
Closing Court: 5:00pm.

Price: $5 (non-members $10).