September Monthly Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr, do Anna and Adelindis, Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr, send greetings

Her Serenity Adelindis has but recently returned from her sojourn in the fair Barony of Innilgard, where she was privileged to be a part of the pageantry and chivalry of La Prova Dura di Lochac 4, surely the premier tournament of our Kingdom. While our own Sir Guillaume d’Oze was unfortunately not successful in his quest to take the victory, both he and consort Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta upheld the honour of the Barony. We would urge our fighters, and those who love the arts of combat, to consider making the voyage to Innilgard in future years to attend this great spectacle, as we hope to do again.

The Canton of Lightwood will host Countess Beatrice and Sir Guillaume for a discussion on Etiquette at a Royal event, on Saturday 23rd at Geeveston Community Centre from 7pm. All welcome to attend. Their next Canton Day will be on 7th October, at Hamdale, from 11-3pm.

Great Southern Gathering will be here all too soon and we wish everyone to stay healthy into the lead up of this event. A full class list is now available and a class timetable will be available after September 18th. Thank you to those who have already offered to run classes, this great event wouldn’t be what it is without you. If you haven’t already booked please do so as quickly as possible so that the feasting team can accommodate you and we can organise bunking arrangements for visitors and those from our own Barony travelling for the event.

The Sheffield Medieval Festival is on October 14th and 15th. It would be wonderful to see as many members of our populace as possible at this ever growing event. The event starts at 9am each day and will have demos of different fighting styles from medieval clubs from all over our wonderful Barony state. As stall holders we have free entry, otherwise it is $5 for Adults and $2 for children under 16. If you are intending on going please talk to Baroness Anna so we can coordinate our efforts with transport, set up, items for the display and of course the return afterwards. We hope to see you there.

The Royal Hobart show is coming up and we would like to encourage those thinking of entering the medieval section (class 104) of the Homecrafts category that entries close on Friday, 30th September. The items for entries do not have to be complete at this time! Only a notice you are going to enter must be done by the 30th, items need to be finished and handed in on October 20th. So let’s get cracking on some pieces to put in and show them the best of what the SCA is about.

November Crown is also peering its head out at this time and we would like to thank Countess Beatrice and her team for doing so much work in the lead up to this event. We are certainly looking forward to it and we know the Crown and the many combatants and consorts travelling down for it will be made most welcome in our Barony. If anyone is able to billet a person or two please contact Baroness Anna as she is organising billeting for our interstate travellers.

We hope the worst of the Winter is now behind us and look forward to seeing you all more as the warmth of the sun clears the fog from our souls.

In service to the Kingdom and the Barony,
Anna Felice Tavestoche and Adelindis filia Gotefridi
Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr