Monthly Heavy Tournament

Greetings everyone, Ynys Fawr will be having monthly tournaments on the first Friday night of each month going forward. These are in addition to the regular trainings of Monday night Rapier and Wednesday night Armoured.
The first of these will be on the 7th of may, starting at 7pm.
These will be training tournaments and will be the regular training price of $2 per member and $12 for non-members.
Those that have progressed to training in armour are welcome to participate regardless of authorisation status. This is because even though these nights will be held in the tournament style, they are for training purposes.
These nights will allow our fighters to practice tournament mindset, test themselves and allow for self-evaluation.
Spectators are encouraged to come along in casual mundane clothes. Bring a dominos pizza and drink. Have fun socialising with your friends while watching fights.
**Please keep in mind, regardless of your training status, you MUST pay the training fee**