January Monthly Letter

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis send greetings,

We hope that you all had an extremely Merry Christmas and a joyful and happy New Year. We are excited to see the start of this year begin with so much activity!

Her Serenity Baroness Adelindis’ Birthday shall be celebrated with a potluck picnic and rose tournament on January 20th at Montrose Park. Please remember that the A&S competition for this event is “Something Baroness Adelindis can eat”. A full list of Her Serenity’s food requirements has been sent out via the Ynys Fawr announce list and on to the Book of Faces.

Lightwood will once again be hosting St Sebastian’s on March 3rd and show us how true their arrows can fly and how swiftly their apples fall into our stomachs. We know it will be a splendid day as it always is.

The College of St Gildas will once more be having a Clubs and Societies’ Day stall at UTAS on February 28th from 2pm – 6pm and there shall also a demo at AICon this year (April 6th – 8th, Wrest Point Casino), if you wish to help with either of these demos please contact Baroness Anna via phone or email. We know that all newcomers shall be welcomed into this group with open arms.

Baroness Adelindis and I shall both be travelling throughout the Kingdom once again this year, with both of us attending Rowany Festival. We are pleased beyond belief at the sheer numbers that are travelling by our sides to these and other events on the Kingdoms northern shores.

To this end we would ask those who are travelling to Rowany Festival to consider talking to our cousins from Stormhold and Krae Glas who have invited any and all Ynys Fawrians to join their camp and food fund for this year’s Festival.

It was an utter delight when Her Serenity and I realised that this July marks the 25th birthday of this glorious Barony! To this end a great tournament, feast and possible skirmish/war shall be run on the 6-8th of July at the Upper Lea. Their majesties King Rowland and Queen Tailltiu have already made their intentions known that they wish to attend this wonderful and most prestigious occasion. Thank you to Lady Alessandra who has taken on the role of head cook for this glorious event. More details and bookings shall become available over the next month so keep an ear to the ground.

Then as if this all wasn’t enough, the Theatre of Food feast on December 8th will be approaching. But fear not for I have heard rumours that our A&S Officer is planning on running multiple Tudor/Elizabethan garb making workshops throughout the year to help us all look the part for what is sure to be a most spectacular event.

So as training, dancing, rapier and archery all come back into full swing after the break we ask for you all to think about trying a new aspect of the SCA to broaden the knowledge, friendship and camaraderie already present in this Barony. We’d especially invite those who wish to teach and share of their knowledge to think about running workshops, collegia and events so that others can see the great marvels this Barony does hold.

Finally, as each New Year brings new opportunities to the fore we would like to remind you all that the office of Seneschal is currently looking for a replacement to take over in the next few months. We look forward to seeing any and all applications for this most admired and respected office.

In Service to the Kingdom and the Barony of Ynys Fawr,

Anna and Adelindis
Ynys Fawr​