Day of Champions

Saturday January 30th from 10am – 4pm
Hobart Showgrounds

Greetings unto the Barony,
Her Excellency and I have sat on these Thrones near a year and while our shores have been well protected during these times of plague and pestilence, we feel it time to test the mettle of our combatants and choose our Baronial Champions.
We wish to invite the Populace to a day of Tourney on the green outside Ynys Fawr Hall.
We ask our Heavy Combatants to prepare their armour, for our Archers to make ready their flights, our Rapier Combatants to hone their steel and our upcoming Combatants to bring their Boffers.
Over the course of the day, we will test the strength of our Barony through all forms of combat including Archery, Heavy and Rapier, we also hope to host a Boffer Tournament.
We look forward to seeing all our combatants both young and wise take the field in honour and glory of this great Barony. Those who are deemed successful Champions of their chosen field will held in high regard throughout the Barony and hold the title of Champion.
We acknowledge that not all Champions wield a weapon and invite those with skills in the Arts and Sciences to participate in a competition to create a period item that would be useful in the protection of our shores. This could be a shield, a cloak, a letter of warning, interpret this as you will, but be prepared to share story as to how this item may aid in our protection. The winner of the A&S Competition will be made Champion.
Cost $4.00 (Plus an additional $10 for non-members to cover insurance)
Due to COVID Rules please bring along your own food and drink.

Hall Opens at 10.00 am
Armour Inspections 10.30 am
Opening Court 11.00 am

We both look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
Yours in service,
David and Arabella
Baron and Baroness