A Little Bit Of Rapier

Brave the treacherous, Kraken infested seas for a day of training, discourse and tournament! All in the advancement of the Arts of Defence. The Saturday will start at 10am onwards, for training and exchange of ideas. Then a tournament will be held to decide the Ynys Fawr Baronial Rapier champion. The evening will be a tavern feast (with bardic circle) held at the Kraken Hall. Sunday will see more training as part of the regular activities at Kraken Hall. Our teacher this year will be Maestro Táriq ibn Jelal who will be teach us in the art of Sword and Buckler and also Case.

Where: Kraken Hall
When: 10am to late, Saturday the 19th of May 2017.
Prices: add $5 per day for non-members (even children)

Up to 30 April After 1 May or at door
Adult and over 14, full event $30 $35
Spectators, per day $5 $10
Feast only $20 $25
Children, 14 and under Free Free

Contact: Lord Perran of Lyskyret (Peter Apted) Mobile 0473 430 334
Email (for bookings. Facebook is not being used for bookings): phullbach@gmail.com

A supplemented pot luck lunch will be provided on Saturday.

No-shows (unless with good reason), without notice, will not be refunded.