Ynys Fawr Costuming Weekend

10am-4pm, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October. Located at our hall at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds.


This will be a group costuming weekend, when people bring fabric, garb ideas and sewing machines to the hall so we can all make stuff. More experienced people will assist newer people if they need help. It will be a great way to get motivated and get back into SCA stuff after the lockdown.

Bring along things you need for sewing – fabric, scissors, patterning stuff, sewing machine, iron etc. Plenty of table space will be provided. Please ensure your fabric has been washed and dried beforehand.


As this isn’t an event most people won’t be wearing garb. Please bring your own lunch and drinks with you.

Hygiene rules will be in place for Covid-19, please practice social distancing and use the provided hand sanitizer.

Cost is $2 per day, non-members will need to pay an additional $10 per day. No cash will be accepted so attendance fees must be paid electronically beforehand. Please put your name on the transaction.

Email Drusticc for any further information, drusticc@gmail.com