July Missive

To the populace of Ynys Fawr, do Anna Felice Tavestoche and Adelindis filia Gotefridi send greetings.

A very chilly Winter Solstice was celebrated in splendid Roman style at the feast of Saturnalia. Many thanks must go to the steward, THL Karl Faustus, and head cook, Lady Alessandra, for pulling together such an enjoyable day. We were pleased to enjoy the company of Baron Gilbert and Baroness Bethony Kraé Glas and their family for the day.

Thanks must go to Lord Ranmor for his time as Captain of Archers; we are sad to see you step down from the position but glad to see that your commitment to archery in the Barony will continue. We were very pleased to see the resumption of regular archery at the Showgrounds this month, and commend our Marshal, Lord Anselm, for his initiative in encouraging more members of the populace to train as Target Archery Marshals to facilitate weekly practice.

We thank Lady Alessandra for stepping up as deputy A&S officer, as well as taking on the job of organising the A&S competition for Great Southern Gathering. We would remind the populace that a number of Baronial offices are vacant or are currently looking for successors. The Barony cannot function without the devoted service of her officers, and we urge you to consider taking on one of these important roles.

There will be A&S activities in plenty in the lead-up to both Great Southern Gathering and November Crown. Thanks to Countess Beatrice and Sir Wulfgar for running the first silk painting workshop. Thanks also to Lady Alessandra and Lord Constantine for offering their home and workshop for the upcoming Big Projects Day on 22 July.

Canton Day on 8 July was successful and enjoyable, with a casual day of garbed archery and potluck feasting. Thank you to Lord Ranmor and Lady Mariot for hosting. We also hope to see another good turnout for the next bimonthly picnic and casual tourney at Nutgrove Park, Long Beach on 5 August, from 10-2.

We would also encourage more of our fighters to consider attending the Pear Ridge demos to be held in Margate on August 19 and September 9. These nights will be paid performances, to a self-selected audience who are already interested in medievalism, and it would be wonderful to see a good show put on by the populace promoting the Barony. Please speak to Baroness Beatrix to register your interest.

Baroness Anna will not be in attendance at this month’s meeting, as she will be returning on that day from her travels in Drachenwald.

In service to the Crown and the people of Ynys Fawr,

Anna Felice Tavestoche and Adelindis filia Gotefridi
Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr