Ynys Fawr Announce

Ynys Fawr Announce is a private email list and the Barony’s official voice to its members.

The purpose of the Ynys Fawr Announce is to keep our members informed of what is happening within the Barony and the greater Kingdom.

Ynys Fawr Announce is available to our Baronial Officers and Members alike as a tool to announce official SCA activities such as Events, A&S Workshops, Practices, Meetings, their Agendas and Minutes etc.

To make an Announcement send your message via email to ynysfawr-announce@lochac.sca.org and the Seneschal or Webminister will approve your announcement prior to it being published.

Ynys Fawr Announce is not our only form of communication; all Baronial Events, A&S Workshops, Practices, Meetings, their Agendas / Minutes etc. will also be posted on the group’s website http://ynysfawr.lochac.sca.org/ and in addition I encourage our members to use our various facebook pages.

List Courtesy:
We are a community of people sharing our knowledge, keeping informed and in touch.

When making an Announcement on this List or other Media please remember to treat each other with courtesy and respect. Courtesy helps foster a respectful and knowledgeable community, and that benefits everyone.

Be your own editor – re-read what you are posting, make sure what you are posting is correct.

To subscribe to Ynys Fawr Announce please go to

Yours in service,

THL David de Derlington
Ynys Fawr Webminister

Protégée to Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne