Words from our King, His Royal Majesty Siridean

Greetings come to all that would hear these words from Siridean, humble servant of the Kingdom,

 In most recent times I was put to task by my predecessor to find a means by which war could be avoided. Being commanded by the Crown to set about His work and did hold council with the wisest of the nobles of the Kingdom and beseech them to aid in the Kings task. As the seasons turned the Crown did summon me to their lands in the Western shores to hear the words of the councillors of the Kingdom. It was with heavy heart that I did share the answer to the King’s questions for it is a hard thing to say to a King his time has ended. Even more pained was I that the council did demand that I set aside my own dreams of happy retirement and called me to serve once again to sit upon the Throne of the Southern Cross.

That day I swore my oaths in good faith. I swore to put aside those that I hold dear, I swore that I would serve and protect the Kingdom and I swore that I would not go to war. The Lady of Glenmore did so swear the same and did enter into a bond with me to rule this Kingdom justly and fairly. Soon after these oaths were spoken did rumours of such ill nature regarding the Queen that I could not believe my ears, but trusting in the words that I heard the Queen speak with my own ears I did ignore them. They continued on, but I refused to hear the mummer’s tales. I spurned those that would speak ill of the Lady of Glenmore. But alas it would seem the House Glenmore has called the muster and have asked that others from the Kingdom join her cause of Glenmore.

Yet I am not yet prepared to believe the worst of Our Queen and have faith that in Our court in the Barony of Ynys Fawr these vicious rumours can be put to death!

CAUTION to those that would see this as weakness, for I assure you that the Duke of the South is not to be trifled with and will defend the peace of this Kingdom against ALL persons that would break Our peace. Know ye this if Lion of the Heartland is forced into a fight we will not be marching to war, but marching in the name of peace for I am not an oath breaker. I say to you now that I have not broken the words of my oath and I hold them in my heart where they will not be broken least pour from my shattered heart with my life’s blood.

Good People of Lochac prepare yourselves for the defence of the Realm and unite under the banner of Blue, the colours shared by Lochac and House MacLachlan.