What I Did On My Summer Holiday, By Bat, Aged 516¾

I have to start by saying that I took on the job of webminister without paying nearly enough attention to the work done by my predecessor, Fra João Baptista de Oliveira. It took some puzzled comments from citizens more compos mentis than me before I realised that a lot of bits were still missing.

The photo gallery, for example, confused me for a while. I had a complete copy of all the files that went into Fra João’s website, and there were no photos there, so I always assumed that he’d never gotten around to adding any. It was only when people asked me where all the other photos had gone that I realised: they were there, but hidden! I found them eventually, in an unexpected place, and with a marathon effort of programming managed to upload the lot to the barony’s Flickr account. You can see them there if you like, and please do! There are thousands of them! Far from “never getting around to it”, Fra João had probably the most extensive collection of photos of any barony in the kingdom! So I’m glad I found those.

More recently, I’ve been discovering his records of the awards of the barony. I knew they were in there somewhere, but today I finally began extracting them. I already have all the kingdom awards, easily extracted thanks to knowledge gleaned from my time maintaining the Canon Lore website. Now I’m getting all the baronial awards. They’ll be up soon, merged and properly arranged. Once again the effort is Fra João’s; I’m just the bugger who’s sitting here taking all the credit and laughing evilly. Bwahahahahahaha!

(Thanks, João!)