Wanted: Webminister

As our lovely seneschal just announced, I’m now the steward for the baronial investiture in October. As well, I’m acting Kingdom Herald, an active founding member of the canton of Lightwood, co-organiser of a bunch of activities down here, a local volunteer on a bunch of committees, and I’m self-employed and trying to earn a living.  Something has to give sooner or later, so while I’ve still got some hair left I’d like to find a replacement for the role of Ynys Fawr Web Minister.

The job is pretty simple.  You get a login; you log in to the website.  You wander around through the pages checking that they’re up to date; occasionally you add new stuff.  Also, you update the calendar, keep tabs on the Facebook group, make sure there’s nothing untoward happening on the mailing list, and keep in touch with the seneschal by email.  Every month you do a report, and you endeavour to attend, either in person or via voice chat, the baronial meeting.  Pretty simple, really.

If you want the job, all you need to do is demonstrate that you can handle computer stuff about as complex as Facebook, email and WordPress.  WordPress is no more difficult than using a word processor, so don’t worry about that.  I’ll train you, happily.  And having the ability to communicate clearly in written English is a good thing too, but I don’t expect Mr Strunk or Mr White.  Mr Stadlter and Mr Waldorf would be enough!

Contact me by email at eric@geeveston.net if you’re interested. Deadline is… oh, whenever, but so that David doesn’t worry too much, let’s say the 19th of August. That’s a Sunday, a month away.  That’s plenty of time.

Please apply! Be an officer in this man’s army person’s barony!