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The SCA Australia’s servers have been having a few issues lately, but we’re getting them sorted at last. Apologies for any missing links and so on; they will be back, but probably not before the end of this weekend. In the mean time, if you need anything, please contact the web minister on eric@geeveston.net.

About Karl Faustus von Aachen

Karl Faustus von Aachen is the sixteenth and youngest son of Eric of Tobar Mhuire, a Scotsman with a talent for heraldry, feast stewarding, writing rude songs and annoying royalty. He skipped town under suspicious circumstances and, owing to substandard navigation, ended up in Lochac. He has followed in his father’s footsteps in every way, especially the royalty-annoying.

Eric TF Bat, real (mundane) name irrelevant, is a geek and father who collects website administratorships the way knights collect head injuries. He lives in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart, and is helping to start a canton from which he hopes to continue annoying royalty well into the new century.

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