Strange Missives

Greetings unto the populace of Ynys Fawr,

I know that some of you may have heard or seen some strange missives that have been bandied around our Barony and the Kingdom. I am sure these are just rumours made by persons who would see the Kingdom split in twain.
I ask that you ignore them. Our King and Queen visit our shores on the morrow and ask that you welcome them both with open arms.

In service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal Ynys Fawr

Missive to His Majesty

Unto his Majesty, Siridean of Lochac, does your humble subject, Ailis inghean Mheadhbha give greetings.

Unfortunately, I send dark tidings, whilst it goes against my better judgement; I feel that these words cannot go unsaid.

This weekend past, an event was held in your noble Barony of Politarchopolis, at which Her Majesty’s conduct was, shall we say, most peculiar.
Our Queen was witnessed offering libations to Venus, the Goddess of Love, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending such an auspicious occasion with Your Majesty, arm in arm was she, at the foot of your very throne, with none other than her Knights Councillor!

Her Majesty was espied *lying* in the green field beside a large figure bearing strong resemblance to this self same Councillor, to whom she was later seen blowing *kisses* while he did battle for her honour.

Immediately before she held her court, without Your illustrious presence, she was witnessed in the arms of this gentle, upon which occasion Jove demonstrated his displeasure by exploding her newly strung beads, a portent of punishments he was yet to inflict upon your fair barony.

As the gods did frown upon Her Majesty’s indiscretions, weeping tears in torrents upon the revellers, Her Majesty is rumoured to have run to seek shelter by the side of her lover, hidden from view by a score of young men of unnecessary stature.

 Strange Missive?

The Queen is greatly vexed, and feels that Her position alongside the King as His equal has been grossly undermined during Her absence. See the intercepted message below to understand Her ire and indignation. It seems inevitable that the fragile peace of Our Land will be rent asunder in bloody civil war. Your Queen calls on you, Her loyal subjects to don the green and join Her on the battlefields of Rowany. The time for reconciliation is coming to a close with the visit to Ynys Fawr at the end of this month the only remaining event in the Royal Progress prior to Rowany Festival.

Excerpts from a letter intercepted on its way to a Certain Publisher in Edinburgh containing Matters of Import regarding the activities of His Maiestie of Lochac at a recent event in the Crescaunt Isles, to wit: It hath been sayed of late that His Maiestie hath plans to bypass any issue he hath of Her Majestie, favouring instead seed from an earlier planting should it come to harvest in due time.

For Her Maiesty had left the aforementioned Faire but a scant few hours before a certain Woman appeared with a youngling in tow and was seen much in the companie of His Maiestie, said bairn being fair and sturdy and some say very like unto His Maiestie when he was of that age…

Base rumours of her Maiestie and of war within the Old Principality were much bruited about, but no Good Person would countenance such from that Fair Lady, but saw instead such frolickings and fondlings of He who remayned that it left them shocked and stunned.

 …and the populace maruelled greatly for that His Maiesty showed such constitution to be awake all of the night and much of the daie fortified as he was by only spiritous liquors which serued to o’er-heat the brayne and caused him to declaim and singge and proclayme and suchlike for manie hours without end…