Missive from Their Excellencies

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis, Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr, send warmest greetings.

Mere words do not seem adequate to express our thanks to those who have poured the passion of their hearts and the skill and industry of their hands into creating a weekend of celebrations that can rarely have been equalled in the annals of our Barony. But what makes Ynys Fawr great, above all, is her people. And to all who came together this weekend to witness and to celebrate with us, we extend our thanks.

To Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta and The Honourable Lady Elena Anthony and all your crew, your efforts on Saturday, and for many weeks beforehand, created an Investiture event of surpassing splendour. So many people must have contributed to the success of the day and evening that it is impossible to thank you all by name, but know that your work was truly appreciated. Congratulations also to all who received recognition in the courts, there were many shining lights of Ynys Fawr called forth last night that all might hear of their deeds.

To Helewyse, Robert, William and Morwenna de Bonnay, thank you for running an enjoyable and relaxing day of archery today. We hope that Their Majesties are reassured of the safety of their southern borders with such skilled defenders to call upon. And congratulations to Her Majesty for taking first place in the competition.

Thank you to those gentles who have pledged service to us as our Guards and attendants; Drustin of Skye our huscarl and Floki Snorrasson of the Guard; and Mariot de Bonnay; Bridget Wynter and Gocken de Leeu. You have done us proud throughout the weekend, and we are sure that you will continue to do so in future. Thanks also to Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen for acting as our Baronial Herald.

Thanks go also to the outgoing Baron and Baroness, Master Hrolf Herjolfssen and Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne, for your advice, encouragement and assistance in the past months. It is an honour to succeed you, and we hope to live up to the legacy you have left us. These are very big boots to fill.

To all who ventured across the treacherous seas to be part of this event, it was a privilege to be able to extend the hospitality of Ynys Fawr to you all. It was a great pleasure to see old friends again, and to meet so many new. Special mention must be made of our friends in Phoenix Rise, who descended en masse to share the celebrations. It is ever a pleasure to have you among us.

We would repeat our congratulations to Sir Wulfgar Jarnsiða and his new squire Erlendr Trigvasson; to Haeringr Vihljamasson and his lady Sian on their handfasting; and to Ranmor Argul and Mariot de Bonnay on their engagement. It added an extra dimension to the official celebrations to share those special moments with you across the weekend.

Last, but very definitely not least, we would like to extend our deep and humble thanks to the Crown for the privilege and honour of being asked to serve as Your representatives in Ynys Fawr. It was a great pleasure to have the company of our noble Queen this weekend, and be able to showcase Ynys Fawr’s hospitality and the talent and industry of her populace.

Yours in service,

Anna Felice Tavestoche and Adelindis filia Gotefridi
Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr