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The Barony of Ynys Fawr in conjunction with The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania are pleased to offer a Medieval Arts & Sciences section (Class 117) within their Arts and Crafts Schedule, at this year’s Royal Hobart Show.

RHS 2014 Arts & Sciences Entry Guidelines

2014 Royal Hobart Show Creative Crafts Schedule

A&S Officer:
 Aryanwhen Guenhwyvar verch Anerain (Pip Woodfield)

Members of the SCA practice many arts, sciences, and past times of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, both to broaden their knowledge, and to enhance the atmosphere at Society events. They do this through research, study, and practice, and then share their results with others. This section is for articles about all things medieval written by Ynys Fawrians. If you have any articles and/or pictures of things that you have made please send them to the:

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