From Their Excellencies

Greetings all.

We have had some opportunity to review the breadth of our Barony, and we are also reviewing the calendar of activities and meetings we would wish to attend. Ynys Fawr is brimming with activity in one form or another, which is wonderful to see. We are of a mind to be as accessible as we can be, to all within this Barony, however we also need to pace our activity to an even gait in order that we may continue this.
We have decided on certain arrangements that we hope the Barony will embrace in fairness to all of our members. It is already assumed that we intend to visit meetings in the Southern and Northern parts of the Barony when we can, but we may not attend them all.
It is also assumed that we will attend all events, and therefore we will endeavour for at least one of us but usually both of us to do so, and this is also our desire. We ask that all intended autocrats and event stewards present their intentions for holding events to the Baronial Seneschal in advance as much as possible. When and how this is to be done will be at the direction of the Baronial Seneschal.
However we do realise that as our Barony grows, so does the desire to hold events in all parts of the Barony, possibly with more frequency than before. Some of these events may in fact clash or be very close to another event or activity that we may already have promised to attend. We are therefore minded to look in favour on a case by case basis, at such events if they be of a small or casual nature, such as pot luck feasts or picnics. While we may dearly wish to enjoy these events also, we accept that we may not be able to attend all of them and do not wish to impede them, so we intend to consider giving dispensation to such events to be held in our absence. At such small or casual events, we strongly desire that there is a banner or similar symbol of the Barony present, to represent being a part of this Barony.

For Ynys Fawr.
Baroness Madelaine de Bourgogne
Baron Hrolf Herjolfsen