It will come as no surprise to recent readers that this website and many of the others on have been feeling a little unwell. The explanation for the extended downtime is long and painful, but here’s the precis: the Masonry team, who look after Lochac’s websites, took the opportunity of some unexpected downtime to upgrade a few features in the name of security and maintainability, and because every silver lining has a cloud, this has meant a certain amount of fiddling with individual branch sites. The results will, eventually, be beneficial for everyone, but for now the lads are paddling hard just to stay in one spot.

By the time you read this, unless you’re suffering the same dreadful lurgi that has me coughing my lungs out and unable to sleep at five in the morning, a bunch of files will have been uploaded to the correct place and you should be able to see them again. That includes all the documents in our Arts & Sciences section, and also all the various photos we have about the site. The theme has changed, but that was coming anyway since the original one had a couple of bugs that made it hard to use on smartphone web browsers. And there will no doubt be some flaky behaviour here and there, but I hope to get that stamped on. Wish me luck!

About Karl Faustus von Aachen

Karl Faustus von Aachen is the sixteenth and youngest son of Eric of Tobar Mhuire, a Scotsman with a talent for heraldry, feast stewarding, writing rude songs and annoying royalty. He skipped town under suspicious circumstances and, owing to substandard navigation, ended up in Lochac. He has followed in his father’s footsteps in every way, especially the royalty-annoying.

Eric TF Bat, real (mundane) name irrelevant, is a geek and father who collects website administratorships the way knights collect head injuries. He lives in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart, and is helping to start a canton from which he hopes to continue annoying royalty well into the new century.

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