Baronial Changeover Information

Greetings unto the populace of Ynys Fawr,

Earlier this year their Excellency’s announced their intention to step down as our Baron and Baroness.

I have been in discussion with Baroness Hróðný Aradóttir, Chamberlain to Their Highnesses, Henri and Beatrice with regard to the Baronial changeover and would like to announce that the timeframe for Letters of Intent opens on Friday the 8th of June.

Could all Letters of Intent please be sent to the following email addresses and my own email address

The Barony has a little over 19 weeks before the Baronial changeover, but I would appreciate it if everybody adheres to their Highnesses schedule below as I cannot guarantee your submission if it is received late.

Call for Letters of Interest & Timeline announcement
Open – 8th June 2012
Close – 30th June 2012

Candidate List to be published on the 8th July 2012

Meet the Candidates – Between the 8th of July and the 18th of August the Seneschal will arrange an event to give everyone an opportunity to speak with the Candidates. This may be a formal or informal event dependant on a consensus.

A call for comments will
Open – 22nd July 2012
Close – 18th August 2012

The successful Candidates will be announced on the 1st September 2012

The date for our Baronial changeover to be the 20th October 2012

Should you have any questions please contact me on

Yours in service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal, Ynys Fawr