A Missive From Their Excellencies


Forwarded at the request of Her Excellency:
Hello everyone. Thank you for making our Investiture as Baron and Baroness of Ynys Fawr such a great weekend! Thank you also to Their Majesties King Henri and Queen Beatrice for visiting our shores and making the pronouncements and for bestowing awards and recognitions.Congratulations to Their Excellencies Lucas and Madeleine for all that they have achieved in the Barony while being our (previous) Baron and Baroness, and congratulations to them for their elevation to Court Baron and Baroness in recognition for the work they have done for this Barony, which Hrolf and I shall continue.

Also congratulations to Karl Faustus von Achen (Fruitbat) for his Silver Pegasus, Guiliaumde Oze for Order of the Rowan, Morwenna and William be Bonnay on their receiving their Award of Arms, and to Jehanne de Finistere who has also been elevated to Court Baroness for all her services to our Barony over the many years she has been with us.Please know that we intend to travel around our Barony as much as we are able, and with this in mind, if you have any requests for things we can assist with, please let us know. Also we would encourage our members to become familiar with the various Baronial awards, in order that you might tell us who you think are deserving of those awards and recognitions.

For the Barony;
Baroness Madelaine de Bourgogne
Baron Hrolf Herjolfsen.