Spring Crown/Coronation 2021

Updated 25/08/2021 Please check back in the next few weeks for the details of the updated event

This event is currently undergoing a major change because the Crown Tourney that was to be held in September in Innilgard (Adelaide) has been moved to Ynys Fawr, on the same day as the Coronation.


Come venture to the welcoming Southern climes of Ynys Fawr as we celebrate the Investiture of the 39th Crown of Lochac and the Divestiture of Their Royal Majesties, Oze & Miriam. Share, with old friends and new, fun, frivolity and good food.

When: November 13/14th 2021.

Where: Saturday‘s activities will take place at Midway Point Community Hall, 31 Raynors Rd, Midway Point Tasmania

Sunday‘s activities will take place at Pittwater Neighborhood Community House and Green, 34 Hoffman St, Midway Point

Booking form coming soon


Before August 31st Member $55, child under 12 $40

30th September Member $60, child $45

31st October Member $65, child $65

any booking made after 31st October until the cut off date for bookings 5th November member adult $100, child $80.

Adult non-members please add $10 to each ticket and non-member children (under 18) $5 to each ticket price.

Bookings are limited to 100 people due to Covid restrictions. At this point day bookings are not available, but that may change closer to the date of the event.

Bookings are only finalised upon receipt of payment. Payments must be made within 14 days of booking.



14.00 Event Opens. A&S Competition Opens. Merchants Open Games & A&S Displays

15.00 Opening [Baronial] Court

15.30 Final Court of the Outgoing King & Queen [HRM Oze & Miriam]

16.30 Afternoon Tea

17.15 Divestiture & Coronation of the Royal Heirs of Lochac

18.00 Judging of A&S Competitions Finalised

18.30 FEAST: 1st Course & Entertainments

19.00 1st Court of the New King & Queen of Lochac

19.30 FEAST: 2ndst Course & Entertainments

20.00 FEAST: 3rd Course & Entertainments

20.30 FEAST: Desert & Entertainments

22.30 FEAST Closes


9.00am Steward Team on Site

9.30am-10.30am MEETING: Master’s of Defence

10.00am-10.45am Armour Inspection for the Rose Tournament

10.45am-12.00pm Rose Tournament

11.00am-12.00pm MEETING: Order of the Laurels

12.10pm-13.10 Sausage Sizzle (vegetarian and gluten free options available for those that with dietary requirements)

13.20-14.20 MEETING: Order of the Pelicans

13.15-15.45 Fencing Tournament, Games

14.30-15.30 MEETING: Order of the Chivalry

15.30 Closing Court

16.00 – Finish Site Clean Up

Owing to the threat of Pestilence, food and utensils must not be shared. Contact information is gathered for Covid record keeping. Please do not attend this event if you: – exhibit any symptoms, – have been in contact with a confirmed case or – have been directed to isolate within the last 48 hours.

Social distancing rules according to mundane Covid guidelines will be adhered to.

The Lochac SCA Covid Plan can be located here – https://seneschal.lochac.sca.org/files/2020/09/SCA-Ltd-Australia-COVID-Response-Plan.pdf