Sherwood Forest Feast

Sherwood Forest Feast

They say that a man in green haunts the forests of Sherwood, with his band of merry men. Legend says he bestows gifts of gold and great food to those brave enough to enter the forest. He also, they say, enjoys spectacles and ballads. Will you be the next to test this legend and feast under the stars, with the canopy of leaves offering shelter?

There will be great tests of skill with the bow, a battle of wits through song and performances and the chance to find treasure hidden amongst the forest. At night, a grand feast of dishes worthy of not just an outlaw but a king will be served.

When: Saturday 18th Nov 2023, From 2pm

Where: Perth Community Centre, 173 Fairtlough Street Perth, TAS 7300


Arts and Sciences Competition

An arts and sciences competition will also be held, with the themes of:

  • Green
  • Forest
  • Treasure


12 noon – Setup

2pm – Event opens

2.30pm – Armoured combat begins

3.30pm – Archery competition/games

5pm – Dancing & socialising

6pm – Baronial Court


6.30pm First remove

7.30 to 7.45pm – Second remove

8.30 to 8.45pm – Third remove

10pm – Finish/Packup


173 Fairtlough Street
TAS 7300


Members (You don’t have to be a member, it is just cheaper if you are)

$27.50 for Adult members

$15 for Minor members

Includes an amount required by our insurance. You can avoid this by becoming a member: New Membership Application.

$37.50 adult non-members (Inc+$10 non-member insurance)

$20 minor non-members (Inc+$5 non-member insurance))


Booking Details

Bookings: Lady Sybil de Speresholt

Bookings Close: 14 November

Please provide the following for each person attending:

  • Real name
  • SCA name (if you have one)
  • SCA membership number (if you have one)
  • Any food allergies or dietary requirements.

Event Steward

Lady Johanna Stafford


Participants are reminded that if they are unwell or showing cold or flu-like symptoms, they must not attend.