Garden Photos

Here are some photos of our Medieval Garden.

Medieval Garden 2015 Feb (Barony of Ynys Fawr)
Medieval Garden. Salad Burnet, Mirabilis, Calendula, L White Borage, R Blue Borage, White Mustard (Photo: Feb 2015).
Side view of the Medieval Garden plot. From right (R) to left (L) Salad Burnet, Mirablilis, Calendula, White Borage (Blue Borage is in the background) with White Mustard mainly hidden (Photo: Feb 2015).
Calendula officinalis ( common marigold, pot marigold, garden marigold, English marigold, Scottish marigold or ruddles) (Photo Feb 2015).
White Borage with an English Bumble Bee seeking nectar. Both the Borage plants (Blue and White) attracted many bees which were evident each time we visited the Medieval Garden (Photo: Feb 2015).
Marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa) is said to have been exported from the Peruvian Andes (South America) in 1540 (Photo: Feb 2015). It is sometimes also known as the four o’clock flower.
Blue Borage (can you see the bee!?) and also the yellow flowers of the White Mustard plants (Photo: Feb 2015).

Photos are Copyright © Nicholas and Wendy Calabria.