Plants and Info

This is the list of plants in the Medieval Garden.  This list and the information has been compiled by Wendy Calabria, Nicholas Calabria and Cary Lenehan.

First Planting in the Medieval Garden plot (2 December 2014).  Seeds were sewn in October 2014.
Small Burnet Sanguisorba minor aka Salad Burnet, Minor Burnett, Garden Burnett, Burnet
Mirabilis Mirabilis jalapa, aka Marvel of Peru, Four o’clock Plant
Marigold Calendula officinalis aka Ruddles, Pot Marigold
Borage Borago officinalis, aka Bee’s Bread, Borage (Blue and White), Bee Plant, Starflower
White Mustard Sinapis alba

The establishment and maintaining of the Medieval Garden is a real teamwork effort.  First seeds are chosen to be sourced and planted.   The staff at the Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens (RTBG) strike the seeds and nurture them until they are mature enough to be transferred to the Medieval Garden plot.

The planting is done by members of the Barony .  The two Gardeners from the Barony of Ynys Fawr normally sign in (as volunteers) and check the Medieval Garden plot once per week.

During the week the staff at the RTBG water and maintain the Medieval Garden plot along with the many other plots which form part of the Community Garden at the RTBG.  The duties of the Gardeners includes taking photos of the progress of the Medieval Garden, pruning, picking and collecting various flowers, seeds and foodstuff, pulling out old plants, weeding, planting various herbs when they are mature enough and taking plant waste to the compost bins provided.

Gardeners’ Notes: Along with the above plants which were planted in the Medieval Garden as time went by other plants also showed up in the plot including:
Red Clover which we have chosen to keep and nurture, and Stinging Nettle which representatives of the RTBG advised we are not allowed to keep as it spreads too readily.

Second Planting (Thur 19 March 2015).  Seeds were sewn earlier by the RTBG (Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens).

French sorrel

Seeds being prepared for the Third Planting:

Italian Parsley
Coriandrum sativum – Coriander, also known as slow bolt coriander, non bolt coriander, cilantro (in North America) and Chinese parsley