Come to the Symposium, a place for discourse, food, wine and entertainment.

Traditionally a Symposium was a male only occurrence with music, singing, oration and discourse while eating and drinking or being entertained by dance displays. The most famous reference we have is of course Plato’s Symposium.
Our Symposium is of course open to all. Come share your philosophical bent, your take on the Nature of Life, a perspective on why we entertain or desire to be entertained, perhaps a view on science and human nature. Present a dance, a poem, a play or a song. Write a short a discourse on an aspect of life. A Pan-Hellenic feast is planned for the evening with A&S entries to be performed or presented during the evening. As is customary in the North, there will be an afternoon of entertainment and a light repast to keep you going until the evening.
Come and join us for a glimpse of life from the Hellenic world.

Date: Saturday 24th February 2024

Location: Perth Community Centre, 173 Fairtlough Street Perth, Tasmania.

Event steward: Lord Tosti Vicherovich Bogolyubskyi

Deputy steward: TBA

Bookings officer: Lord Tosti Vicherovich Bogolyubskyi

To Book: email

Bookings close 17th Feb.

Proposed schedule:
  1. 12 Set-up 2pm Site officially open,
  2. 2:15. Trial by Combat
  3. 3pm light repast, games
  4. 3:30 Dancing – Traditional Greek
  5. 4:30 Archery
  6. 5:30 Feasting Hall opens
  7. 6pm Feast begins
  8. 10pm Feast ends,
  9. Cleanup begins 12am Hall closed

$27.50 for Adult members

$15 for Minor members

$10 extra for adult non-members

$5 extra for minor non-members