The Theatre of Food Feast: 8 Dec 2018

Inspired by the Glorious and Great tales from Politarchopolis’ 20th Anniversary Good Food Feast, Sir Oze and his team invite you to share in a feast of sumptuousness, displaying the Theatre of Food in a manner as yet unheralded in this Barony of Ynys Fawr. Themed around the conquests of that redoubted rogue and Goode Englishman, Vice Admiral Sir Francis Drake, you will feast upon foods inspired by the Yule Court of Elizabethan England. Guests may want to think about their Elizabethan wardrobe for the evening.

Date: Saturday, 8 December 2018
Site: The Hall, Royal Hobart Show Grounds, Glenorchy (across the road from Kraken Hall)
Cost: Patron $110 / Server $30 (additional $5 for non-members)
Steward: Sir Guillaume d’Oze (Ben King)
Bookings Contact: Master David de Darlington (David Beresford)

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About The Feast

The Feast will be presented in four courses, followed by dessert, each course consisting of four to five dishes. Guests will need to bring their own cutlery, but that is all!

(They should probably bring their appetites as well – that would be a good idea!)

There will be some rather special and unique mementos of the feast; suitable to a stage of this magnitude, details of which will be revealed on the evening. Because of the style of this Feast, attendance will be limited to 60 paying guests only: this will not change. If you cannot attend the event as a guest you may want to consider attending the Feast as a server. You will have your own food and a chance to see the behind the scenes workings of a great night as well as undertaking a role integral to a Feast of this type.

The Hall will open at 5:30pm with the Feast starting at 6:30pm.


Guest: members $110, non-members $115.
Server: members $30, non-members $35.

Bookings are essential and will not be accepted without payment. Payment by instalments can be arranged, but only in consultation with the Steward. Payment in full must be received before 17 November 2018. Bookings may be emailed to Master David de Darlington at

Unfortunately, this will not be a child-friendly event. It is requested that you make alternative care arrangements for your children… or, in keeping with the theme of the event, they will be sold into an indentured servitude akin to those sales undertaken by Sir Francis himself.