November Crown 2017

Lo, There do I see the line of Lochac’s Crowns stretching back through the mists of time.
Lo, They do call to me; They bid me take my place amongst them,
Earned by the truth of my will, by the strength of my arm, my love for this land and the inspiration found in my heart for the one who will reign beside me.
Ynys Fawr calls all nobles of worth to compete for the right to wear the crown of our mighty realm.

Date: 11th and 12th of November 2017
Site: Glen Huon Hall, 841 Glen Huon Rd, Glen Huon, Tasmania, 7112.
Cost: Go to Bookings Page
Steward: Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta (Kellianne Anderson)
Bookings Contact: Lady Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn

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