New Rules

Greetings unto the Populace of Ynys Fawr, 

I received the following missive from Lochac Kingdom Seneschal Catherine de Arc.

On the 1st of September all the new rules regarding indemnities and event memberships came into play within Australia.

Signing in Procedures Signing in is now required at ALL SCA events, meetings, practices and training sessions every week.

People who can prove both valid SCA membership and a valid indemnity sign the Member sign in sheet.

People who can prove valid SCA membership but not a valid indemnity sign the Member without card form but do NOT pay the $5 event membership fee.

People who cannot prove valid SCA membership sign Non-member indemnities and pay the $5 event membership fee.

Proof of Valid Indemnity Members’ indemnities now only last for one year rather than for the life of the membership.

A valid membership card alone does not prove that you have a valid indemnity on file. Knowing that you have renewed your membership within the last year is not proof the constable can accept.

However, there is an easy way to get proof of valid indemnity:
1 -Logon to the Membership Services section of the SCA Australia website using the following URL –

2 – Once you have logged in, select the option labelled “Update and print indemnity or change address etc. details”. This will take you to the membership update option with all your current details displayed.
Check they are correct, then scroll to the bottom of that page and tick the box indicating your acceptance of the indemnity and click the submit button.

3 – Once this is done a new page will be displayed at the top of which you will see a section labelled “Indemnity update”. Please print out this page and cut out the indemnity update part and stick it to the back of your membership card. Please note if you are updating multiple memberships you will need to print off the Indemnity Update page each time.

The pricing for our regular events has been adjusted accordingly please go to for more information. 

I understand this will affect many of us and thank you in advance for your understanding as we all get used to this.

In service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal Ynys Fawr

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