Kingdom Awards


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Kingdom Awards

These awards are given at Their Majesties pleasure, i.e. only the King and Queen can give them out. Please send your recommendations for the Kingdom Awards to the King & Queen and the Baron & Baroness. An Overview of the Lochac Kingdom Awards

Non-Armigerous Orders
Augmentation of Arms (Great Contribution)
Cross of Lochac (Foreign Service)
Mouse Guard (Service Ages 4 – 13)
Pride of Lochac (Household)
Rose (Crown’s Consort)
Rowan (Courtesy)
Royal Cyper (Personal Award)
Silver Helm (Field Appearance)
Taillefer (Entertainment)

Award of Arms (AoA, or AA)

Orders of Achievement
Court Barony (Special Contribution)
Golden Tear (Service)
Golden Sword (Heavy Combat)
Lochac Order of Grace (Courtesy)
Miles Regni (War Service)
Nock (Archery)
Prometheus (Teaching)
Rapier (Fencing)
Star and Lily (Arts & Sciences)

Grant of Arms (GOA)

Orders of Distinction
Cockatrice (Arts & Sciences)
Silver Pegasus (Service)
Red Wyvern (Martial)

Polling Orders
Lochac Company of Archers (Archery)
White Scarf (Rapier)